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Fan-Made Games: Age of Heroes

Dragon Warrior Online: Age of Heroes


Recently finished features:

Random Treaure Chests. Chests are static, but their contents are randomly selected from a predefined treasure horde for that area. When opened, may find gold, may find an item, weapon, or armor, may be empty, or may be thrown into a suprise encounter. Chests respawn at predefined intervals to prevent chest camping.

Weapons and armor now carry class restrictions (been putting that one off for a while).

Return system is now fully functional. As in the games, new Return locations are gained by visiting Returnable areas. Can only cast Return or use a Wing of Wyvern on an overworld map.. luckily for Wizards, the Outside spell works too. Will add an outside item, as well, soon enough.

Doors now work as they should. Almost every building has a door that can be opened using the action command. (Door/Talk/Open Chest/Search has been combined into one action command). Simply approach the door and open it. The doors will automatically close five seconds afterwards, unless blocked - will then close when not blocked.

More Wizard Utility spells were coded, RobMagic, Increase, Slow. All Wizard Attack Spells are operational. Most Pilgrim Spells are finished.

Features now in development:

Adding the ability to right click on another player and receive information about the character in question such as name, class, level, and player defined description. Will make it easier to find suitable group members, too.

Coding the Fighter into the system.

Still trying to plan out the new quest system. It IS the most mind numbing obstacle I have encountered, but I want it finished by pre-alpha.

Things I dread doing before pre-alpha:

Fine-tuning the combat forumlas! Tracking down all of the loose ends.


The party system will probably be the hardest to code of what is left for the core system. The grounds have already been laid for multi-player combat and that will be easy to plug into the current system, but I've been so busy focusing on the issues at hand, that I haven't really stopped to think about just /how/ I will code the party system which will include a new group chat command, sprites following after sprites, the passing of party stat information to the other party members' stat windows, inviting group members, dropping group members, handling disconnected group members, party member death and resurrection, etc. I'm sure once I focus on it I will see the way.

There are several other features that are planned that may prove a little challenging as well. When a player takes a ship across the sea, they will not see a little ship sprite floating across the overworld map, they will actually BE on a ship map, able to roam around on the dock, sub floors, chat with other npcs, and other players who are on the same trip. Tickets are purchased, and they enter the ship before it leaves the dock. When it arrives at the dock, the announcement will be made to all on board, and everyone will have 10 mintutes to leave the ship before it sets out on it's return course.

The advanced form of the quest system may prove to be a little challenging as well. I want to make it as dynamic as possible to allow for a wide range of quest types and possibilities.

There are a lot of features I have planned after the pre-alpha. Some will be easy, like the emotion bubbles - took all of 15 minutes to code once I figured out how I wanted to pull it off. Some will more than likely take some time. The mini games, such as slime racing and monster arenas will probably take some time as well.

I plan to release a pre-alpha version as soon I have have finished fleshing out the magic system, finished adding most of the spells, added the other classes and their class related skills (such as merchants getting discounts, selling higher, buying lower, finding more gold... Thieves stealing items from enemies in combat, picking locked doors, hiding on screen (until they move), etc. Most of the skills are fairly simple to code.

Once all of the character classes are finished, I will move on the creating the gaming world, at least enough to get it launched. New maps and other items can be added after the release and the server is running.

I have taken the experience system found in DW3 and multiplied each level requirement x3, otherwise players may be level 99 in a week if they play all of the time. I want player advancement to take a lot longer than it would in a 40 hour or less DW game. I am thinking of adding something like a High Mortal quest, or a quest to become a Dragon Warrior somewhere around level 50-75. This quest will require the completion of several difficult tasks, and items that only exist one at a time in the game world, making it a little more difficult and taking a lot longer. Item location will be randomized to prevent experienced players from aiding others in their quest to attain the title. Players will not be able to advance over a specified level until they have attained the title of Dragon Warrior. Once they have, the experience requirements will increase again. Upon reaching level 99 they will need to complete another quest to 'Ascend' and remorte into a new class with bonuses or a monster class.

Once it hits pre-alpha I will begin working on the party system and multi-player combat while dealing with bugs and other issues that arise during pre-alpha. Once the party and multi-player combat is in place and most of the bugs are dealt with, I will release an alpha version. From there, I will begin working on all of the features that will contribute the most to the game such as the bulletin boards, ship and balloon services, guilds/clans (will have to find a better term), player constables & guards to help police the towns & player rangers to help police the wild areas. Lots of plans. Lots of Work.

Another difficult aspect of development will be graphics. I will either need to edit and create the sprites for all of the classes, or I will need to find someone to handle sprite creation while I continue with the code. Either way, the class sprites will need to be finished before the pre-alpha.

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